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Atomic vibrations on my mood sensing Richter Scale

the needles go "scratch"

3 December
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trying to describe who I am in a few short words and other clichés.

Sometime in early 1984 a sperm found the right ovum and begin rapidly dividing and growing until it produced a zygote. This zygote, over time, grew larger, faster, stronger, smarter, and eventually mastered the english language; which is purported to be one of the most absurd on the planet. After many years of development and hormonal hokey-pokey this set of cells has reached its current, highly effective state, commonly know as Joe.

Joe, or Joseph as he is known in more serious situations, is highly capable in the arts of driving, conversation, sex, and guilt. Prone to falling prey to his own delusions of grandure, he often likes to think that the world is his own secret, one that no one will discover, even if he let them in on it. He is full of memories and aspirations, and hopes to one day reach a position where he can travel the world freely, because he is always running from something.
[smog], airports, amalgamatia, apocalyptic weather, arguing, backroads, bad coffee, brian eno, built to spill, cab rides, cake, caustic resin, cigarettes, coco rosie, code signals, conversation, cooking, cornelius, cypress hill, dabrye, dark hair, debbie harry, devo, dim stars, disaster, doughnuts, drinking to excess, driving real fuckin' fast, driving smartly, driving the car, eating, eels, elefant, emilina torrini, experiencing, fela kuti, feta cheese, film, fischerspooner, forgetting, freak accidents, getting a deserved slap, getting away with it, gil scott heron, giving orgasms, good tea, gravy train, greek food, gregory kitchen, having orgasms, hips, honey, hunter s. thompson, iggy pop, intense situations, interstates, ipods, john lee hooker, kissing, kurt vonnegut, la guardia, ladytron, languages, law, learning about people, learning about places, learning about things, learning about you, lightning bolt, long stories, los halos, los killers, losing control, lou reed, luck, luz's cooking, lying on the floor, manhattan, mark lanegan, masters of reality, mc paul barman, mirwais, mis amigos, modest mouse, my american english accent, my shoes, narrowly avoiding death, neil young, newspapers, nice weather, observing everything, ooh... lot's of things, peaches, photography, pit er pat, polaris, politics, polvo, pontius copilot, psychology, remembering, robert kennedy, screwdrivers, sebadoh, shellac, shesus, short stories, sleeping on airline flights, smoking, sondre lerche, sonic youth, steel pole bath tub, stereo total, subcultures, suffolk county, television, that dog, that one spot, the amps, the breeders, the clitoris, the desert, the fall, the kelley deal 6000, the letter k, the microphones, the octopus project, the pixies, the ramones, the sandwich, the velvet underground, time travel, tough women, tough women who steal, travel, various artists, vodka, watching orgasms, women, you, your story