digame_esto (digame_esto) wrote,

The bastard generation

Children of the hippies. Wards of the yuppies. Hammered with clear cut reality in a post-psychedelic world. Consumers. Warriors. Innovators. Masters of apathetic. Post racial. Pre-internet. Organic. Hormone and vaccine free. Prescription drug addicts. Most educated. Least insightful. So much to say about everything, all of it Insipid. Nursed on Reaganomics, weened on NAFTA, raised in Walmart, deflowered at Starbucks. Entitled. Manipulated. Used. Promiscuous. Jobs and wages down, productivity and consumer spending up. Angry. Angry. Ang — the policeman's always right. Pot smoking reactionaries. Radicals with money market accounts. The New Five Year Plan centers on career advancement and shopping trips; "to each according to his means, from each according to his disability." Marxists control Eugene. American Idol fans rule the nation with an iron fist by text messaging "war" to *1216. Ennui is a sin when there are sand niggers to be killed on TV. USA. USA. USA.

Print is dead. News is dead. Honesty is dead. Truth is subjective. 3D is as real as it gets. Professors lie if Palin says so on facebook. Twitter is where the battles of the minds will be decided. Avatars. Profiles. Blogs. Introspection should only be done in 240 characters or less. Gagging blowjobs and anal gape are how I say "I love you." Soldiers are saints. Generals the sages. Priest are pedophiles. Arena fundamentalism is the light and the way. God bless our troops. God hates faggots. God hates wetbacks. Liberals hate god.

I deserve more. You deserve nothing. The wealthy earned everything they have. The serfs are thankful for the honor to serve.
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